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Ghostly Floating Bubbles

Ghostly Floating BubblesFor this dry ice experiment, you will need:

  • A fish aquarium or a similar large, clear container for holding water
  • Dry ice
  • Bubbles and a bubble wand

Make sure to follow all dry ice safe handling precautions.

You'll notice that when you add dry ice to water, the cloud of carbon dioxide and water does not go up into the air, but instead falls toward the ground. Why? This cloud-like mixture of carbon dioxide and water is heavier than the surrounding air.

A small fish aquarium works well for this activity. Fill the bottom of the aquarium about an inch deep with warm water. Use gloves or tongs to add a few pieces of dry ice. The dry ice will begin to smoke turning into carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Using a bubble wand and a bottle of bubble fluid, blow a few bubbles into the aquarium (it's a little difficult, so be patient). To everyone's amazement, a few bubbles will appear to float in mid-air in the aquarium. The bubble is really just floating on a cushion of invisible carbon dioxide gas. Of course, the spooky Halloween story is up to you...

dry ice safety tips
Dry Ice Safety Tips