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Dry Ice for Halloween

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create spooky special effects for Halloween

Dry ice is the best way to get that creepy, spooky graveyard effect for Halloween! Read below to learn how to use dry ice to create special effects for Halloween such as fog, spooky jack-o-lanterns, and ghostly floating bubbles!

Where Do I Buy Dry Ice for Halloween?

Continental Carbonic Products, Inc. can provide you with all the dry ice that you need for your Halloween party from one of our dry ice locations throughout the United States. Dry ice is sold in quantities of 10 pounds or more and prices vary based on quantity. Ten pounds will last approximately one day in our insulated coolers, with the cover in place.


Dry Ice Fog Effect

Create dry ice fog with any large container, dry ice, and warm water.

 witches brew

Witches' Brew - Dry Ice Punch for Halloween

Bring your punch to life by placing it in a cauldron of water and dry ice to create Witches' Brew.

 jack o lantern

Spooky Jack-O-Lantern with Dry Ice Fog

Make your jack-o-lantern spookier with this dry ice effect.

 spooky fog

Spooky Crawling Bubbles from Dry Ice

Combine dish soap and dry ice to achieve this spooky effect for Halloween.

 laser fun

Halloween Laser & Fog Fun

Create interesting effects by combining a laser with dry ice.


Ghostly Floating Bubbles

Learn how to create bubbles that appear to float in mid air.

dry ice safety tips

Dry Ice Safety Tips

Download our flyer on dry ice safety tips for Halloween experiments with dry ice.

Download now

Please be careful! Make sure to follow all dry ice safe handling precautions.