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How To Make Root Beer with Dry Ice

How to make root beer using dry ice from Continental Carbonic.If you are planning a party for the holidays or the big game and need a lot of root beer, you will find this homemade root beer recipe useful. Make sure to follow all dry ice safe handling precautions.

  • 2 ounce bottle of root beer concentrate
  • 5 gallons of cool water
  • 4 pounds of sugar
  • 5 pounds of dry ice
  • 10 gallon container with vented lid

Pour 5 gallons of water* in the 10 gallon container. Add the sugar, stirring until dissolved. Add the root beer concentrate and then the dry ice while wearing gloves. The root beer solution will bubble when you add the dry ice, so keep the top of the container loosely covered.

The venting of the container must be monitored carefully. If the vent is too tight, the container will explode. If the vent is completely open, the fizz will suffer since less carbon dioxide from the dry ice will dissolve in the root beer. Please make sure the dry ice has completely sublimated before drinking!

* Helpful hint: The cooler the water, the more carbon dioxide from the dry ice will dissolve in the water, creating more fizz in the root beer.