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IceTech KG50 PRO - Heavy Duty Dry Ice Blasting Machine

IceTech KG50PRO Heavy Duty Dry Ice Blasting Machine available from Continental CarbonicThe big brother to the IceBlast KG30 PRO, the IceBlast KG50 PRO is another multi-functional dry ice blaster. The IceBlast KG50 PRO offers a bigger dry ice hopper (110 pounds), bigger blast hose (1"), and the ability to blast at a higher ice feed (1.5 to 5.5 pounds per minute) for all larger dry ice blasting needs. In addition, the IceBlast KG50 PRO will blast with high pressure up to 232 psi making it IceTech's most aggressive dry ice blasting machine.

From medium duty applications to thick adhesive applications the IceBlast KG50 PRO can get the job done. It has the same features as the IceBlast KG30 PRO including the multi-touch control panel, memory available to store blasting parameters, and a flexible blasting hose, making this an important piece of equipment for the professional dry ice blaster.

When combined with the IT3 nozzle kit, the IceBlast KG50 PRO becomes multi-functional. The IT3 kit comes with a 'splitter' which breaks the high density dry ice pellet into smaller, granular pieces which allows for a more effective clean. This technology also results in much less dry ice usage than the competition for the same or better clean for a return on investment that cannot be beat. Reduced dry ice consumption is where IceTech truly differentiates itself from its competitors.


  • Dimensions mm/inch
    • Length: 700 / 27.5
    • Width: 550 / 21.6
    • Height: 900 / 35.4
  • Weight: 240 lbs.
  • Hopper Capacity: 110 lbs.
  • Ice Consumption : 0-330 lbs/hour (0-485 optional)
  • Supply Air Pressure: bar: min 5 - max 16, psi: min. 72 - max 232
  • Air Consumption Range: Nm3/min: 0.7 - 16, CFM: 25 - 565, depending on nozzle combination
  • Blast pressure Range: bar: min 2 - max 16, psi: min 29 - max 232
  • Compressed Air Connection: 1" claw coupling. The compressed air must be kept clean and free of oil, foreign bodies and water
  • Power Consumption: 110/230 V, AC 50-60 Hz, 800W
  • Hose: Blasting Hose, 1" : single hose system
  • Noise: Noise level 60-120 dB(A) depending on blasting pressure, nozzle combinations, material surface, and other factors.
  • User friendly, multi-touch control panel:
    • Memory for storing various blasting parameters
    • Multiple language display
    • Easy to read display


IceTech KG30 PRO & KG50 PRO Owner's Manual