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IceTech Xtreme 40 1" Heavy Duty Dry Ice Blasting Machine

As the largest dry ice blasting machine in the new Evolution Line, the Xtreme 40 1" is truly for the industrial contractor whose intense applications require additional blasting dry ice and air. The hopper holds over 88 pounds of blasting dry ice ensuring continuous, un-interrupted blasting while consuming anywhere from 1.7 lbs per minute all the way up to 5.5 lbs per minute. The 1" hose supports fast, efficient cleaning allowing the machine to push up to 565 CFM for the most demanding jobs.

All of the multi-powered dry ice blasting machines in the Evolution Line offer a stainless steel modern design with a powerful 24 volt DC motor, user friendly control panels with LED notifications, insulated hoppers with a sideways 90 degree opening for easy access and quick change dosing discs for straight forward maintenance.

The substantial, heavy duty IceGun is equipped with a 'deadman' switch on the trigger for maximal safety. The optional lighted IceGun contains two LED lights situated above and below the nozzle for ultimate visibility. For utmost maneuverability and for efficiency of storage, the Xtreme 40 1" is fitted with two industrial, collapsible handles. In addition, the all-terrain pneumatic tires are excellent for any environment.

The Xtreme 40 1" dry ice blasting machine also includes two unique features; the Empty Hopper Function and the Reverse Dosing Function. The empty hopper function allows the users to release any excess blasting dry ice from the hopper out of a port in the bottom of the machine. The Reverse Dosing Disc function allows for the dosing disc to move backwards by one inch. This grants the operator access to easily remove any foreign objects without complete disassembly.

Our standard Xtreme 40 1" dry ice blasting machine package includes:

  • 32 ft 1" heavy duty blasting hose
  • 32 ft 1" air hose
  • Heavy duty, lighted 1" IceGun
  • Nozzle holder V3
  • 9 mm nozzle
  • High flow IT3 nozzle kit
  • Static ground reel

Xtreme 40 1" Dry Ice Blasting Machine Specifications

  • Dimensions mm/inch
    • Length: 795/31.3
    • Width: 534 / 21
    • Height including handle: 990 / 38.9
  • Weight: 257 lbs.
  • Hopper Capacity: 88.2 lbs.
  • Dry Ice Consumption: 1.7 - 5.5 lbs./minute (optional 2.4 - 8.1 lbs./minute), adjustable
  • Supply Air Pressure: bar: min 5 - max 16, psi: min 72 - max 232
  • Air Consumption Range: Nm3/min: 1.4 - 16, CFM: 35 - 565
  • Blast Pressure Range: bar: min 2 - max 16; psi: min 29 - max 232
  • Compressed Air Connection: 1" claw coupling (optional 1.5" claw coupling)
  • Power Consumption: 500 W, 90V - 230V AC 50/60 Hz + PE (GND)
  • Blasting Hose: 1" Single Hose System
  • Air Quality: According to ISO 8573-1 Class 3 for environment temperature +5°C / 41° F
  • Noise: Noise level up to 120 dB(A) depending on blasting pressure, nozzle combination, material surface and other factors.

 Please click the photos below to view the Xtreme 40 1 inch dry ice blasting machine pictures:

 Elite 40 1" Brochure

 Elite 40 1" Owners Manual