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Meat Processing

Dry ice pellets are used extensively in the U.S. meat processing industry to cool meat after slaughter and for shipping. Dry ice pellets are typically delivered in 1,400 pound capacity insulated containers, often in full truckload (approximately 40,000 pounds of dry ice) quantities. Full containers are weighed right before being loaded onto the delivery truck and either off loaded onto the processing plant's dock or the entire trailer is dropped on the customer's yard. Empty containers from prior deliveries are loaded back onto the trailer. Upon return to the Continental Carbonic production plant, the empty containers are inspected for damage, repaired if necessary, and thoroughly washed and sanitized.

Type of Dry Ice

Our meat processing customers have their choice of either ½ inch or ¼ inch pellets. Continental Carbonic refers to these sizes as regular pellet and rice pellet, respectively.

Insulated Containers

Continental Carbonic insulated containers for the meat processing industry are stainless steel lined providing an easily cleaned surface and a surface that does not crack or chip off like poly lined containers. Eliminating the risk of contamination through poly cracks and chips has proven to be a major advantage for Continental Carbonic customers. Stainless steel lined containers also have greater insulating capacity and therefore lead to much lower dry ice sublimation rates, which create significant savings for meat processing customers accustomed to receiving their dry ice pellets in all poly containers.

Product Quality

Continental Carbonic goes to great lengths to minimize the risk of product contamination. We adhere to strict maintenance and sanitization programs for our dry ice production equipment. We require our floor personnel to wear proper hair nets and anti-bacterial smocks and employ food grade cleanliness practices. Liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice are periodically tested to assure tight product specifications are being met. Digital video cameras monitor the production floor at each of our plants. Insulated containers are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized upon their return to our plants and lids are shrink wrapped once containers are filled. These practices result in Continental Carbonic being able to deliver the highest quality dry ice pellets in the industry.

On Time Deliveries

Continental Carbonic Distribution Semi-trailerOur meat processing industry customers require timely delivery of dry ice to allow their plants to run on an uninterrupted basis. Continental Carbonic managers stay in close contact with their customer counterparts to insure timely and accurate communication of orders and adjustments.