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Mixed Media Abrasive Dry Ice Blasting Machine

The Cold Jet E-CO2-150 mixed media dry ice + abrasive media solution revolutionizes industrial surface preparation. Traditional methods for corrosion and industrial coating removal lead to a considerable amount of respirable dust and secondary waste and often leave residue or moisture on the surface being cleaned.

Cold Jet's solution offers an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional dry or wet media blasting, while promoting environmental, health and safety initiatives set forth by OSHA and other regulatory agencies.

The proprietary mix of dry ice and an abrasive have been 3rd party verified to reduce dust levels by up to 97%; thereby, making it safer for the operator, surrounding workforce and adjacent environment. Due to the significant reduction in dust and waste, projects will realize an overall reduction in containment and post clean-up costs. The surface will also be left dry and residue-free, which enables a new coating to be applied more quickly, even soluble salts are no longer a problem.

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