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Medical & Pharmaceutical Equipment

Dry ice blasting helps keep pharmaceutical equipment up and running.Dry ice blasting has proven to be an ideal cleaning solution for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Cleaning with dry ice can help maintain the tight tolerances of precision micro-molds and achieve industry cleanliness standards. The non-abrasive nature of dry ice blasting means that microscopic letters, numbers, and trademarks molded into the products will not be damaged by cleaning. Precision dry ice blasting can be used to remove parting-line flash.

Dry ice blasting also saves significant time over other forms of cleaning. Compared to manual cleaning, which is very labor-intensive and can damage expensive micro-precision molds, dry ice blasting is quick and effective yet gentle on the molds. Not only are cleaning costs reduced, but tooling lasts longer and scrap rates are reduced.

With dry ice blasting, industry workers can be trained to clean quickly and efficiently. This eliminates the need for outside cleaning contractors and helps maintain security. Dry ice blasting machines can also be easily moved to clean wherever is needed, reducing production downtime.