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Dry Ice Pricing & Supply Agreements

At Continental Carbonic, we make every effort to provide competitively priced dry ice to our customers and offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to pricing structures.

All In Pricing

For customers wanting their dry ice delivered, Continental Carbonic offers either "all in" delivered pricing or pricing FOB our facility plus a delivery charge. For "all in" pricing customers, we typically establish the customer's minimum order quantity to make sure delivery costs are covered. Also, tiered pricing plans can be created whereby the "all in" price automatically decreases as the order quantity increases. For customers with their own trucks, we are happy to schedule customer pick-ups at our plants or distribution warehouses.

Competitive, Stable Pricing

We price our dry ice competitively up front and have never resorted to extraneous add-on charges (e.g. Hazmat fees). Our dry ice agreement is a great way to lock in a price for a multi-year period.

Supply Agreements

Most of our customers prefer to enter into long term requirement agreements with us. Our standard agreement provides that in return for Continental Carbonic agreeing to hold its price firm for at least one year, the customer will agree to buy 100% of its dry ice requirements from us. Typically, if the term of the agreement goes beyond one year, we'll ask for annual inflation-based adjustments. The customer benefits by locking in a competitive price for at least one year and we benefit by being better able to predict our production and delivery logistical requirements. Also, in the rare occasion when product availability is limited, those customers under agreement receive priority.