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Liquid Carbon Dioxide Physical Properties & Safety Data Sheet - SDS

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Technical Specifications

Physical Properties

CO2 Min. 99.99
H2O Max. 20 PPM
SO2 Max. 1.0 PPM
H2S Max. 0.1 PPM
N2 Max. 120 PPM
O2 Max. 30 PPM
CO Max. 10 PPM
Phosphine Max. 0.3 PPM
COS Max. 0.2 PPM
Acetaldehyde Max. 0.5 PPM
Alcohol Max. 5 PPM
Oxides of Nitrogen Max. 5 PPM
Non-methane hydrocarbons Max. 20 PPM


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LCO2 Food Grade Certificate of Conformance

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