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Dry Ice for Research

Institutions of higher learning, medical centers, government research organizations and companies engaged in research and development frequently use dry ice as a cooling agent for research projects. Pellet dry ice is the typical product used for research and development. Frequently customers request that dry ice deliveries be made to multiple locations throughout a research facility or campus. Each delivery point can be set up with a separate account allowing the customer to easily track usage. Our delivery personnel rotate out older dry ice and replenish containers with fresh dry ice. Other customers have deliveries made to a smaller number
of dock locations and handle their own distribution.

Product Quality

Continental Carbonic goes to great lengths to minimize the risk of product contamination. We adhere to strict maintenance and sanitization programs for our dry ice production equipment. We require our floor personnel to wear hair nets and anti-bacterial smocks and employ food grade cleanliness practices. Liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice are periodically tested to assure tight product specifications are being met. Digital video cameras monitor the production floor at each of our plants. Insulated containers are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized upon their return to our plants and lids are shrink wrapped once containers are filled. These practices result in Continental Carbonic being able to deliver the highest quality cut block and pellet dry ice in the industry.

On Time Deliveries

Our research customers require timely delivery of dry ice to allow their distribution centers to meet their outbound sample shipment schedules on an uninterrupted basis. Continental Carbonic managers stay in close contact with their customer counterparts to insure timely and accurate communication of orders and adjustments.