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Should You Buy or Make Dry Ice?

Over the years, Continental Carbonic has helped many businesses analyze the pros and cons of making dry ice versus buying dry ice. The vast majority have come to the conclusion that it is more cost effective (and far less hassle) to purchase competitively priced dry ice from a reliable supplier as opposed to making their own. Reasons in favor of purchasing dry ice include:


The capital investment to produce dry ice is high. Capital costs include installation of a liquid storage tank, piping and dry ice making equipment with an additional investment in insulated storage containers. Ongoing operating costs for dry ice production include electricity, labor and maintenance of equipment. Purchasing dry ice from Continental Carbonic allows capital and operating dollars to be freed up for projects related to a company's core business.


Continental Carbonic has 12 manufacturing plants, 1 Liquid CO2 plant and an additional thirty-eight distribution branches which ensure that production and loads can be shifted to meet the needs of our customers. A company investing in dry ice production that experiences a breakdown will not have redundancies in place in the event of a breakdown or outage. Continental Carbonic makes sure that its customers have the dry ice they need, when they need it.