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Weld Cell Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting

Weld fixtures and cell cleaning is a perfect application for dry ice blasting. Old school methods of metal-to-metal hammering, chisels and wire brushes can take up to 8 hours to clean one weld cell. Weld cell fixture cleaning times using dry ice blasting are 1 - 2 hours. Benefits include: reduced scrap rate, increased production time, overall employee morale and reduced or eliminated labor costs. In addition, because dry ice blasting does not damage or distort expensive parts including fittings or connectors, the useful life of the fixtures are significantly extended.

 After Dry Ice Blasting              Before Dry Ice Blasting

Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

Cleaning Frequency can be Increased

Weld fixtures can be cleaned more frequently, with less wear-and-tear on the fixture.

Labor is Greatly Reduced

The 6 - 8 hours needed to clean a weld cell fixture using wire brushes and manual scraping can be reduced to 1 - 2 hours with dry ice blasting.

Clean In Place

Dry ice blasting allows cleaning in place, avoiding disassembling complete weld fixtures, moving them to another area, cleaning them and then moving them back for reassembly.

Safe for Electronic Components and Wiring

Dry ice blasting can be done effectively and safely around electronic components and wiring because it is non-abrasive and non-conductive.


Weld Cell Fixture Before DIB   
Weld Cell Fixture Before Dry Ice Blasting Weld Cell Fixture After Dry Ice Blasting