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Why Continental Carbonic?

The Advantages of Buying Dry Ice from Continental Carbonic

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Superior Containers Minimize Sublimation Losses

Dry ice converts (or sublimates) from a solid to a gas from the minute it's produced. Continental Carbonic minimizes sublimation losses by using top quality insulated dry ice containers. All food grade customers receive their dry ice in insulated, stainless steel-lined containers. Our true and honest weights and superior containers mean you get more for your money with Continental Carbonic.


Extensive Distribution Network

Our twelve dry ice production facilities, one liquid CO2 facility and 38 branch warehouse locations allow us to meet your dry ice requirements - on time, every time.

CCPI LocationsVisit our Locations Map for more information.


Quality Control

To ensure our customers receive the highest quality dry ice, we video record all dry ice production and frequently test liquid CO2 and dry ice purity.

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Sanitation of Equipment

Continental Carbonic thoroughly washes dry ice containers every time they are returned to our plants. 

We utilize automatic box washers with hot water as high as 185 degrees to sanitize our stainless steel dry ice containers. This allows us to eliminate chemicals from our processes and reduce physically handling our dry ice containers.

Continental Carbonic performs routine cleaning on all dry ice production equipment and dies. Pellet machine shrouds are used to prevent contamination during pellet dry ice production.


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