Liquid CO2

At Continental Carbonic Products, we have established, advanced, and sharpened a core competency in the tonnage production of liquid carbon dioxide. This capacity is used for dry ice production as well as bulk supply of carbon dioxide itself. Delivery of bulk supply liquid CO2 is managed by MATHESON, the parent company of Continental Carbonic Products. For further information contact MATHESON directly:

The most common commercial uses of liquid carbon dioxide are:

  • Refrigeration and freezing in food processing and production
  • Shield gas in welding applications to prevent weld oxidation
  • pH balance in water treatment plants
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Plant growth stimulation in greenhouses
  • Enhanced oil recovery of oil and gas wells

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Technical Specifications

Physical Properties

H2OMax.20 PPM
SO2Max.1.0 PPM
H2SMax.0.1 PPM
N2Max.120 PPM
O2Max.30 PPM
COMax.10 PPM
PhosphineMax.0.3 PPM
COSMax.0.2 PPM
AcetaldehydeMax.0.5 PPM
AlcoholMax.5 PPM
Oxides of NitrogenMax.5 PPM
Non-methane hydrocarbonsMax.20 PPM